Detailed Information:
Standing Capacity: 1000-1500 Persons
11 Projector Monitors in One Horizontal Arc
1 Conference Projector Monitor on The Stage
LED Screen Size: 4x3m (4.5×2.5m); Pixel size: 7.68mm (P7.68); Resolution: 512x384px (576x320px)
LED Screen Power Max: 1kw/m2 (12kW max) 220v; Cabinet size: 0.5m x 0.5m; Weight: 63kg/m2
LED Screen Inputs Available: VGA, DVI, S-Video, Composite, Component
Professional Lighting and Sound Equipment
Professional ScenePlatform (120M2)
Back StarDrop
2 Dressing Rooms
12 Meter Professional Bar Stand
Kitchen For Serving 1000-1500 Persons
Available (Also For Rent) :
Sitting Capacity: 600-500 Persons
Table 90cm. X 90cm. – 15 Pcs.
Table 140cm. X 90cm. – 30 Pcs.
Table 200cm. X 90cm. – 15 Pcs.
Table 60cm. X 60cm. (110cm. Height) – 38 Pcs.
Round Table 180cm. Diameter – 23 Pcs.
Chairs – 550 Pcs.
Scene Platform 1m X 2m, 10-100cm. Height – 60 Pcs.